Class of 2024 Case 3

留学形態(Sponsored or not): Self-sponsored
勤務先(Previous job): Finance
職歴(# of years at job):
大学名(Graduated university): Keio University
大学時代専攻(Major): Law
TOEFL:Total  (R / L / S / W )
GMAT:Total  (V / Q / IR / AWA )
海外経験(International experience):

Why MBA?

■Gain comprehensive understanding of enterprise management from strategic management to operations, as well as further improving my financial knowledge

■ Develop industrial expertise and learn the latest trends in next generation industries such as healthcare and energy as well as fintech, particularly in the growing North American market

■ Accumulate leadership and negotiation skills in international settings, enhancing my soft skills necessary to lead a global organization

Why Fuqua?
1. エッセイに書いたWhy / Why Fuqua you discussed in your essays

■Collaborative, inclusive student culture

I am very attracted to Fuqua for its management education which emphasizes teamwork and leadership skill. The school is well known for its collaborative culture under the slogan of “Team Fuqua”, and together with the learning group system such as C-Lead (which every student is assigned in the first year), and the college town environment where students can have 24/7 learning experience, it will provide me a lot of in-depth teamwork experience necessary to improve my management and leadership skill. In my career I’ve worked in fields where work is always done on a team- and project-basis and I know that teamwork factors such as empowerment and empathy really impact the performance of a team and are critical for success of both the individual and the entire organization. Therefore, I was convinced that the skills I can gain at Fuqua will be my life-long assets.

■Opportunity to foster industrial specialty

The second point I mentioned was Duke’s industrial focus on new and growing industries such as healthcare, energy, and fintech. Located in the center of the Research Triangle Area, Fuqua is particularly known for its health sector management program where students can learn the latest trends and players in various areas of healthcare including biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Through discussions with current students, I was happy to know the program welcomes students with non-healthcare backgrounds and I thought this would provide me with a great opportunity to foster industrial expertise from scratch.

2. エッセイに書かなかったWhy / Why Fuqua you didn’t discuss in your essays

When researching schools, I talked to current students and alumni as well as admission officers and always got the same sense of a truly amicable atmosphere from the community and learned that Team Fuqua is REAL. I believe one of the greatest values of an MBA is the friendship and network I can gain during the program and after I graduate, and I really want to be part of such a collaborative community where students and alumni love their community and school from the bottom of their heart. At the Coffee Chats I joined, all the people I talked to raved about how their C-LEAD peers, professors, and alumni are like a family, working together to achieve their respective goals in the classroom and with job hunting, including supporting one another for interview preparation.

3. 合格後に気が付いた魅力 / Anything about Fuqua you have found appealing after your enrollment

I have realized students here are genuinely motivated by their study topics, so the level of engagement is very high, and it can be hard to find opportunities to speak up in classes. I was excited to learn that Fuqua students are even more committed to their classes than I could have hoped. The Fuqua Classroom Norm prohibiting use of laptops in class also fits with my values.

受験対策 / Your approaches and know-hows to each application item



3. エッセイ / Essay

Fuqua highly values its collaborative culture and looks for students who have potential to be strong members of the community. When answering essays / interview questions and sharing tangible stories as evidence, I always tried to emphasize that I am an applicant who highly appreciates this value and could become a student and alumnus who can demonstrate the Team Fuqua spirit.

Using this space, I also would like to note that there are many free online resources which I thought greatly instrumental for interview and essay preparation. I often referred to these as starting points when generating ideas for my answer content, so it might be worth checking for you as well.

  • Official essay webinar held by Admissions Committee. Registration is required. (e.g. Random 25 things essay seminar)
  • Duke Day Time MBA Student Blog (particularly blog articles categorized into “Admissions” area)
  • Fuqua official YouTube Video (e.g. “Duke Fuqua: Inside the Admissions Committee”, “Duke Fuqua: Meet the Deans”)
  • Clear Admit – School guides
  • Clear Admit – Interview reports

4. インタビュー / Interview

最後に / Message to applicants

Networking can be a daunting process but it will surely bring a positive impact for your application. So, if you are serious about a school, talk to its people. As mentioned above, Fuqua looks for applicants who truly aspire to be part of Team Fuqua and showing a connection with the community would certainly improve your chance of admissions. Students and admission officers here are all open-minded and easy-going, so please do not hesitate to contact them (You can contact current students / alumni through this website as well as LinkedIn. For admissions officers, there is an online booking system which you can utilize to have a one-on-one phone conversation). I also recommend applicants to make a campus visit if the situation allows as that would help to differentiate you from other applicants in terms of showing passion and commitment for Fuqua and will help you to make your rationale more convincing.