Class of 2023 Case1

プロフィール / Profile

留学形態(Sponsored or not): 私資
勤務先(Previous job): 翻訳 / 個人事業
職歴(# of years at job):3年
大学名(Graduated university):タフツ大学
GPA: 3.1
TOEFL:Total (R / L / S / W )
GMAT:Total (42V / 40Q / 7IR / No AWA )
GRE:161V / 160Q / 5.0W
海外経験(International experience):JET Programme (CIR)

Why MBA?

To pursue a different career path
To reestablish my roots in the US

Why Fuqua?

1. エッセイに書いたWhy / Why Fuqua you discussed in your essays
– Team Fuqua
– Strong consulting and marketing recruiting outcomes
– Comparatively high percentage of students with partners and families

2. エッセイに書かなかったWhy / Why Fuqua you didn’t discuss in your essays
– Seeking employment in low-medium cost of living area, and Duke has strong connections in the South
– Duke has a strong brand name that goes beyond (or is maybe even more recognizable than) the Fuqua name

3. 合格後に気が付いた魅力 / Anything about Fuqua you have found appealing after your enrollment
– The Triangle area is beautiful if you like being around nature
– It’s also a great community for kids

受験プロセス / Application history

2020年7月 …. MBA application process begins / made list of 6 schools / GMAT
2020年8月 …. Networking with student representatives / attending info sessions / GRE
2020年9月 …. Submitted application / networking with club representatives
2020年11月 …. Received interview invitation / interviewed one week later
2020年12月 …. Acceptance decision / thank you notes to advocates and recommenders

受験対策 / Your approaches and know-hows to each application item


Consider the GRE if quantitative subjects are not your strong suit. Regardless of the test you take, be sure to start preparation early and study regularly. Take a full practice test early in the process to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Give yourself enough time to take the test again in case you get a score you’re not happy with.

3. エッセイ / Essay
Have someone who knows you well read your essays. Then have someone who doesn’t know you as well read over them. Ask them to guess the essay prompt and then ask about what they remembered most.

4. インタビュー / Interview
Practice your answers to interview questions OUT LOUD. Know what you want to talk about, and also be sure to know what story you want to tell. Don’t memorize answers because that is immediately noticeable, and it will leave you inflexible if they ask you a question you don’t expect.

最後に / Message to applicants

If you know you want to apply, make sure you register for an interview during the open interview period. Also be sure to attend events early in the process. Attend the general info session specifically to get an application fee waiver. Current students can write recommendations for applicants, so be genuine when networking. Everyone at Fuqua was really friendly and open to talking, and those recommendations could make the difference as a tiebreaker if you’re between accept / wait list / reject.